Trip to Buttonwoods

photo 5 copy

The farm crew and I got a second off of the field and took a trip to Buttonwoods farm Griswold, CT. They are a part of the Make a Wish foundation. This year they are helping over 200 children’s wishes come true. They have volunteers come and harvest the beautiful sunflowers like the one’s in the picture. They sell the sunflowers for $10 a bundle and that’s how they raise the money. It’s a gorgeous farm! And they have really good ice cream! Which I shouldn’t have had because I can’t have dairy, but I couldn’t resist (you have to pick your battles right?) Buttonwoods also had a large beef cattle heard, pigs, and produce. They are a big fan of their pesticides though! At Devon Point Farm we’re not such fans of pesticides. It was awesome to get to see another farm and see how what they are doing is different from what we are doing. I hope I get to keep visiting different farms in the future. The more farms I see up and running, the better sense I get for the kind of farm I want to have one day, or if I want to have a farm at all.

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