A Summer Wrap Up

photo 5

I suppose I should wrap up the summer for all of you reading my blog. I left at the end of August. Right when farm season turns around and the weather gets cooler, the trees look prettier, and the weeds stop growing. Well that’s okay that I missed it. I will spend fall on another farm, another time. Looking back on my experience I learned a lot, there’s no question there. The other interns and I were in the field the majority of the time without the farm owners. We, in turn, had to figure a lot out on our own, and make some tough decisions that the owners didn’t always agree with it. But, we were all farming for the first time so how were we supposed to know any better? I learned about failures. On a farm you cannot go through a whole season without a couple failures. You probably will not know what they will be, so the only way to prepare for them is to accept, to an extent, that they will come. I learned how to care properly for pigs, chickens, and I learned a little about beef cattle, but mostly I learned a lot about having a vegetable CSA. Seeding, greenhouses, planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, and selling is a lot of what my summer consisted of. It also consisted of a lot of random jobs that could involve some really heavy lifting, or chasing and tackling an animal. Basically whatever needed to get done was in the interns hands, regardless of previous experience that you had.

The thing about working on a farm for a summer is you really get a sense of what it’s like to be  farmer, especially when you live on the farm 24/7. But, not every farm is the same and not every farmer is the same. My hours here were long and expectations were high. Although I learned a lot about farming in general I also learned the kind of farm I want to work on in the future, and the kind of farm I don’t want to work on. I also learned that if you’re going to be living with the farmers, as well as working for them, you should probably interview them the same way they will interview you. There should always be a healthy relationship between you and the farm owner to make it work, so make sure it’s a good fit. Know what you want to get out of this experience.

It was amazing getting hands on experience on a farm. I look forward to finding another internship in the future. My goals are to work more with animals, because after getting a taste of that this summer I would really love to pursue it. The next internship I have I will continue to post here and let you all know how this one goes.


Farmer Murph 🙂