Happy Solstice

Happy Belated Solstice 🙂

I figured I should tell you all a little about the Williams farmers market. Williams Farmers Market happens every Monday from 4-6:30. It’s the best place to be in Williams on Monday. The same people come every week which means I actually know a lot of the town people just from market! Every booth has something special to offer. There’s our booth which sells all the fresh veggies and fruit that your heart desires! There are booths that sell bread, cheese, meat, artwork, instruments, ceramics, spices and sauces, kombucha, baked goods, and my personal favorite: popsicles. It’s very easy to spend a lot of money at market so you really have to limit yourself. the bread, kombucha, and popsicles are my regular purchases. Everyone at market is so friendly and it’s such a good way to start the week. It’s a tiring event after harvesting all day, but it is so worth it!

This weekend I volunteered at the library. I worked with some little kids and taught them about different pollinators and then we got to planted some seeds that would attract lots of pollinators and sent them all home with a pot 🙂 It was adorable and lots of fun. We also made origami butterflies!

Emily, the other intern, and I also made cheese on Sunday. It was our first time making cheese and we did it all on our own. We made Gouda!! It will be about a month until we can actually eat it, but I’m so excited. Making cheese is a very complicated process. You have to follow directions so carefully! Emily and I decided we want to try to make a new kind of cheese every week! The sad part is that by the time a lot of them are done aging we will already have left the farm and won’t get the chance to try them 😦 But I’m excited to go on a cheese making adventure and learn through success and mistakes!

In terms of farm news there are so many cherries.. we cannot keep up with harvesting them so the crows are getting to them. Every time I look up when I’m out in the field I see a crow with a red beak (full of cherries). My back has been really sore so I’m hoping to bike into town tomorrow for  a yoga class.

4th of July is coming up! I’m very sad because I found out that there are no fireworks here .. it’s fire season so fireworks are prohibited. I will sure miss them and possibly celebrate 4th of July in August when I’m back on the east coast.

I hop all you other farmers out there are staying sane.. keeping your backs in good shape, not getting too hot, avoiding ytpical farmer problems, and best of all I hope you are all getting to eat lots of fresh veggies!

– Murph


P.S . Last night I found  lizard in my clothing bag. I put my hand in and felt it slithering around. I was terrified that it was going to be a poisonous snake or a scorpion, but I’m happy it was just a cute little lizard 🙂


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