Hello Again 🙂

This past week was your usual farm work week. We harvested on Monday for market. Tuesday I worked preschool. In preschool we did crafts, fed the goats, went swimming/playing in the pond, and told stories. After preschool we transplanted a lot of lettuce, trellised tomatoes, weeded the greenhouse, and finished thinning the fruit trees… We should have been done with thinning a while ago, but thinning  fruit trees  is hard to get to when everything else seems more pressing. Wednesday we harvested for CSA all day and tried to get ahead with potatoes and onions, because next week is overnight camp and we need to be as ahead as possible! Wednesday afternoon we tried to harvest our Mustard seed crop. The plant gets really brown when the seed are ready to come off. You cut the plant from the base and then shake it into a barrel and all the seed some off the plant. The pods come with it and later you have to separate everything out. It’s hard to time when to harvest a seed crop. When we went through not all the seeds were ready and it was hard to leave/work around the plants that weren’t ready yet.  Thursday AM I went to pack out with all the other farms who contribute to the CSA and packaged up all the share holders boxes. Then came back and continued to get ahead on harvesting for next week. Thursday afternoon we got to get out bathing suits on! We weeded the pond!! We like to make the pond look nice for camp, so we did some weeding and tried to catch the giant bass that has been chasing and BITING people who swim in the pond! Hopefully we can get that sucker before camp starts.

Yesterday (Friday) we had a crazy day of fun. We have had this day planned for 5 weeks now. We made a trip to California to go swimming in the Smith River, see the Redwoods, and go to the coast. It’s a good drive and hard to get off the farm for such an excursion so we wanted to do it all in one day.

The Smith River was the clearest and most turquoise body of water I’ve ever seen in my whole life. The water felt cleansing and I didn’t want to ever leave. We jumped off the rock for a long time and brought goggles so we could explore under the water. It was a great way to start the trip.

Next on the list was the Redwoods. It has always been a dream of mine to see the Redwoods. Trees are so magnificent. They are so much bigger and have lived so much longer than any of us that it’s truly humbling. It makes me really think about who we are as a species and why we think we are so much better than other living things. The Redwoods felt like I was transported to another place and time. Everything sounds, smells, and feels different there. I could live in that forest.


Last stop was the coast. The Pacific Ocean in the summer is a little different from the Atlantic. For starters, its freezing! The water was definitely not in the 60’s yet. We caught the right beach on the right day. Usually the weather at the coast is in the 50’s and rainy or misty, and there are many sections that are too rocky to swim in. When we went it was warm and sunny and the beach was nice to swim in.. other than the freezing cold water! I swam in the water for a really long time and almost got hypothermia. I was very cold the whole way home. We all had a blast and didn’t want to have to leave, but the goats needed to be milked. And so farm life calls, but it was a gorgeous day and it was amazing to see those three things while in Southern Oregon.



We tried to have a meeting about camp on the way home, but we were all too tired to have to think about dealing with 8-12 year olds for 5 days and 4 nights. The kids get here Monday and we do everything from cook for them, plan crafts and activities to with them, to read to them before they go to bed, to sleep with them in the tents at night. It is truly an overnight camp. It will be a good break up from the daily farm routine, but I have a feeling that this will be way more exhausting than your average week on the farm.

I will post tomorrow about the next Rogue Farm Corps (RFC) class. Sunday we have a class on tractors in Medford.


Farmer Murph

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